NSC is your Branch Office™ without the expense

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While other services just book appointments, we make a sale for you. NSC increases sales by building a valuable relationship with your customers. We spend quality time with each prospect, and you don't have to worry about per-minute charges. Our customizable programs will fit your needs and budget. We specialize in home service companies and we will understand your needs and requirements.

Working with NSC:
  • You can focus on your product, while NSC focuses on new sales
  • With exceptional closing performance, NSC creates more sales.
  • More sales for you mean more profit!
  • You will reduce your need for additional staffing to answer phones
  • You are hiring trained sales professionals that know your business
  • Calls start with a prospect and end with a new, loyal customer!
  • NSC is your Branch Office ©, without the expense
More Services
  • FIT (Facilitated Integration Training) program
  • Monthly evaluations
  • Random shopper calls
  • Call recordings
  • Booking and billing evaluations

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